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FutureBridge Energy Platform

FutureBridge Energy Platform

Transform your Business. Build the Future.

The unprecedented speed of change in the Energy Industry is creating both opportunity and risk. At the same time, a clear gap exists between publicly expressed statements around transition and real-world actions being taken, causing tensions across all business areas.  

FutureBridge has been delivering consultancy, insight and actionable advice to the Energy Industry for over 23 years.

Our Energy platform has been purpose-built to address real-world issues, overcome blockers identify opportunities and categorise threats.

It provides Innovation, R&D, Strategy and M&A teams with the power needed to drive success, the Energy platform addresses some of the biggest challenges faced by companies in the industry.

Energizing Operational Efficiencies and Economic Value

Breaking down resistance to change

An objective multi-role framework for all stakeholders to see a consistent view of the technology, market, regulatory, economic and competitor landscape, tailored to company and individual focus areas.

Resistance to change
Optimising scarce resources

Focus efforts on key value-added tasks that maximize the value of every team member and reduce operational cost overhead.

Optimizing scarce resources
Line of Business integration

Easy-to-use data visualization dashboards factor relative ease of adoption into customizable frameworks to weight and model the relative benefits and speed to value of new initiatives.

Line of Business integration
Balancing short-term profit vs long-term investment

Interactive data visualization tools and dashboards to model impact, opportunity, markets, and projected demand growth by sector, based on a combined view of objective and company-specific measures.

Balancing short-term profit vs long-term investment
Measuring ROI and accelerating time to value

Using objective and consistent frameworks, easy and open communication is created, connecting disruptive technologies and emerging markets with economic potential and presenting this through company-tailored visualizations and dashboards, helping to assess return on investment and accelerating time to value.

Measuring ROI and accelerating time to value
Leveraging regulation and policy to drive revenue and mitigate risk

The Energy Platform incorporates all of the key components needed to evaluate and leverage prevailing and projected regulatory and incentive policies and standards on a country, region and market sector basis.

Leveraging regulation and policy to drive revenue and mitigate risk

Decision Support and Streamlining Processes

Balancing short-term profit vs long-term investment

Correctly prioritizing opportunities

Our unique weak signals view looks across multiple industries to identify, categorize, assess, rank and evidence the best-fit opportunities for short, medium and long-term fit for organizations – simply, effectively and accurately sorting the “signal” from the “noise” and allowing focus on the right areas.

dasboard 2

Effective and pragmatic application of foresight

Focus attention on relevant threats and opportunities, changes to markets and regulations and emerging competitors at the right time and with the appropriate effort.

Risk and innovation mgt

Risk management and innovation

An objective and consistent mechanism to assess the risk components and revenue opportunities over short-term, medium-term and long-term timeframes and factor these components into innovation, research and go-to-market strategies.

Energy Intelligence Dashboards

TechVenture Matrix Dashboard

The TechVenture Dashboard provides tracking and insights on key startups to expand and accelerate the innovation pipeline. The dashboard helps identify promising startups to invest in and evaluates them on market potential and technological competence parameters. This helps clients prioritize investment resources strategically.

Techventure dashboard
Opportunity Hotspot Dashboard

The Opportunity hotspot dashboard helps in identifying the regional business hotspots for emerging energy and decarbonization trends such as green hydrogen and carbon capture. The analysis is based on factors like cost, market demand, regional decarbonization targets, availability of existing infrastructure, and policy support. ​

Opportunity hotspot dashboard
Innovation Signals Dashboard

The Innovation Signal Dashboard is a powerful tool that continuously sources and monitors emerging technology innovation signals that will have a significant impact in the future. The dashboard analyzes each signal to identify the future potential and the action required. It provides insights into strong, developing, and upcoming signals, allowing you to spot nascent innovations early on to be ahead of the technology intelligence curve.

Innovation signals dashboard
Project database Dashboard

The project database dashboard is a one-stop portal for accessing, analyzing, and visualizing global clean energy project data. With its map-based interface, you can easily identify projects and get key information regarding their progress, players involved, and costs.

Project DB dashboard
TechRadar Dashboard

TechRadar Dashboard is an insightful technology benchmarking tool that compares different technologies based on various techno-economic parameters to identify the best-in-class technology. It helps users to select technologies that excel in a specific category​ for technology adoption and upgrades.

techradar dashboard

Key Strategic Growth Fields

Renewable Generation and Storage

Renewable electricity generation and storage are central to the transition to low-carbon and sustainable energy systems. This SGF covers the emerging technologies in renewable energy generation, including wind, solar, hydropower, and others, and energy storage.

Renewable Generation and Storage

With the accumulation of record levels of atmospheric CO2 and a fast-depleting carbon budget to meet the 1.5 or even 2.0 climate targets, decarbonization has become the top-most priority across different industries. In this SGF we cover carbon capture, utilization and storage, waste-to-energy, biofuels, renewable heating and cooling, and EV charging.

Hydrogen Economy

The Hydrogen Economy is emerging as a decarbonization solution that aims to replace fossil fuels and their derivatives in several sectors with low-carbon hydrogen fuel and feedstock. In this SGF, we cover the whole hydrogen value chain, including generation, conditioning, transportation, storage, and distribution.

Hydrogen Economy
Digitalization and Automation

Digitalization and automation in the energy sector involve the use of advanced and innovative technologies to improve energy efficiency, sustainability, and operational excellence in various areas, such as smart buildings and homes, energy industry automation, and management.

Digitalization and Automation


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Our 500+ people (and network of over 5000 industry experts) create an impact for Fortune 500 Corporations.

Our team of experts is spread across three continents and is united by relentless curiosity, a desire to solve problems and an appetite for innovation and opportunity.

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Featured Perspectives
In Their Own Words: Client Experiences
Clients we work with

Creating a constant stream of insights

The decarbonization technologies reports and insights from FutureBridge are an indispensable resource for our company as we formulate and implement our strategy.

Head of Technology & Scientific Intelligence, Global Integrated Energy Company

Endorsement from a North American Chemicals Producer

The Green Hydrogen Project Database dashboard from FutureBridge is an essential tool for our company as we navigate the rapidly evolving green hydrogen market. We highly recommend this dashboard to any company that is interested in exploring the potential of green hydrogen.

Market Intelligence Manager, North American Chemicals Producer

Driving Business Intelligence

Our venture capital firm focuses on investing in startups that operate in the renewable energy sector. The Techventure Dashboard has been a very constructive tool for us as it provides a carefully selected list of pre-screened startups that are developing innovative solutions and have investment potential.

VP - Business Intelligence, Venture Capital arm of a Global oil company

Our Clients

This is a partial list of our long-standing clients including some of the world's leading brands and forward-thinking corporations.
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