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FutureBridge Food and Nutrition Platform

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Transform your Business. Build the Future.

In a time of economic volatility, rapidly evolving industries, and constant changes in consumption behaviors, navigating the world of true innovation demands keen strategic insight.

The FutureBridge Food & Nutrition Platform promises a constant stream of intelligence providing a macro-to-micro view of the industry, comprehensive trend analytics, track competitor and startup activities and reveal emerging concepts alongside innovation and business opportunities. Equipped with early signals of innovation on ingredients and technologies in strategic growth fields, it enables precise decision-making, propelling your business towards accelerated and sustained growth.

This platform is purpose-built with each player across the value chain in mind; defining a future marked by astute choices and robust strategies for food and nutrition brands.

Creating Value Across Diverse Functions and Teams

Product Dev, R&D, Innovation
Maximize Value with Deep Food and Nutrition Insights and Foresight for Product Development, R&D, Innovation, and Strategy Teams
  • Know the Unknown with Early Innovation Signals across Your Strategic Growth Fields.
  • Data-driven technology trends for informed product development. 
  • Analytical insights to propel R&D with conceptual breakthroughs. 
Innovation and R&D
Market and Competitive Intelligence
Proactive and Precision-driven Food and Nutrition Market and Competitor Intelligence
  • Expert analyses of industry trends, competitor actions, startup activities, and business opportunities 
  • Specialized intelligence on innovation, industry trends, competitor strategies, and emerging business prospects
Market and Competitive Intelligence
Innovative, Future-Ready Capabilities for Sustainable Growth. 
  • Driving sustainable and inclusive growth through innovative solutions, amplified by the collective voice of the industry. 
  • Nurturing sustainability-focused start-ups to spearhead transformative change, fostering an ecosystem for long-term, inclusive growth. 
For Sustainability
Brand and Marketing
Comprehensive Insights and Value Creation for Marketing and Brand Teams.
  • Strategic insights on emerging start-ups, tech claims, and industry perspectives for tangible benefits. 
  • Maximizing opportunities through curated insights tailored for heightened marketing effectiveness.
4.4 - brand and Marketing
Operations and Supply Chain
Optimize Supply Chain with Food and Nutrition Innovation Strategies.
  • Tailored concepts, strategic partnerships, and collaboration opportunities for enhanced operational efficiency. 
  • Identify new avenues for growth and optimization in your operations. 
Supply chain
Other Functions and Teams
Holistic and Comprehensive Insights across Food and Nutrition for all other functions (Sales, Customer Service, etc.) 
  • Equipping teams with valuable market insights on new concepts, competition, and start-up activities.  
  • Providing a clear view of the competitive landscape and emerging opportunities for driving market growth. 
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Key Advantages


Opportunity Analysis and Cross-Industry Trends

  • Know the Unknown with Early Innovation Signals impacting the food industry value chain
  • Grow Faster by Making the Right Decisions at the Right Time with actionable insights from our analyst and consultants' neutral dual lens-view
  • Correlate Food and Nutrition Trends, Decide Confidently 
The Transformative 360-degree Insights Dashboard-1

Emerging Innovation Monitoring Dashboard

  • A Constant Stream of Intelligence 
  • Dual Lens Analysis for the potential to transform Food and Nutrition
  • Empowered Decision-Making through the comprehensive view of the Food and Nutrition Landscape
  • Track Ingredients, Materials, Technologies, Claims and Food and Drink Category Applications in the earliest stages of innovation 
Precision Crafted Strategic Startup Intelligence-1

Startup Intelligence

  • Strategic Growth and Market Entry Strategies
  • Innovation and Product Development to stay at the forefront and build future-ready capabilities
  • Investment, Funding and Acquisition Opportunities
  • Customer Insights and Target Audience Analysis

Deep Insights and Analysis Across 5 Strategic Growth Fields

Sustainable Food Production
Waste valorization, regenerative practices, and traceability for a ‘trusted’ value chain
  • Tracks sustainability developments in agriculture and food manufacturing. 
  • Monitors new techniques that will create a more sustainable supply chain e.g. to save energy, use less water, cut carbon etc.  
  • Includes raw material sourcing, pre-processing and processing parameters and waste valorization techniques. 
sustainable farming
Reduction and Reformulation
Delivering healthy, guilt-free but great-tasting foods
  • Constitutes ingredients, additives and processing agents that are incorporated as alternatives to sugar, fat, alcohol, and conventional protein sources.
  • Aligning product formulations with clean labels, natural and allergen-free demands.
  • Includes the technologies and processes that utilize the ingredients to deliver reformulated solutions.

4.5 - reduction formula
Nutrition & Wellness
Delivering health, both mental and physical, with functional ingredients
  • Focuses on ingredients, technologies, and product functionalities i.e., how consumers interact with foods to offer them additional health benefits – to go beyond basic nutrition.
  • Addressing the impact of digitized health behaviors driven by new personalized health techniques and equipment.
nutrition and wellness
Packaging and Delivery
Driving a plastic-free, waste-reduced, but convenient future
  • Tracks materials, solutions and processes that improve efficiencies and offer new experiences.
  • Increase sustainable value and provide additional traceability, across the entire value chain.
Deep insights - packaging and delivery 1
Food Experience 2.0
Experimental, experiential, and exciting interactions with foods
  • Monitors the very end of the value chain, at the points where consumers interact with food and drink.
  • Focuses on digitization techniques and technologies that will revolutionize in and out-of-home experiences.
Future of food


Years of experience in consulting and advisory


Signals tracked


Research papers and patents analyzed


Focussed investments monitored

Numbers say it all

Our 500+ people (and network of over 5000 industry experts) create impact for Fortune 500 Corporations.

Our team of experts is spread across three continents and is united by relentless curiosity, a desire to solve problems and an appetite for innovation and opportunity.

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Featured Perspectives
In Their Own Words: Client Experiences
Clients we work with

Creating Impact for a Seafood Manufacturer

Understanding the geography of packaging types was a huge challenge for us. The insight helped us to identify the most relevant recyclable packs in particular areas and create a shortlist in each region.

VP - Product and Sustainability, Norway HQ

Endorsement from a drinks manufacturer

FutureBridge helped us identify the challenges and opportunities presented in the small-serve beverage category and guided us on how we could meet the regulatory demand for portion control.

Head Market Intelligence, Austrian HQ

Consulting a Protein Alternative Supplier

Texture in our plant-based alternatives had become a key business priority. We were able to use the Food & Nutrition platform to spot startups and identify technologies. As a result, we approached two businesses to collaborate with.

Product and Innovation Director, UK HQ

Our Clients

This is a partial list of our long-standing clients including some of the world's leading brands and forward-thinking corporations.
Kraft heinz-1
total energies-1
linde group-1


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