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FutureBridge Industrial Intelligence Platform

FutureBridge - Industrial Intelligence Platform

Transform your Business. Build the Future.

Technology is propelling rapid transformation of products, manufacturing processes, and operations across industries. A profound comprehension of technological progress, novel business models, and the potential scenarios that lie ahead is essential for achieving growth and creating value.

The FutureBridge Industrial platform is purpose-built to synthesize actionable insights on emerging technology signals, market trends, and future industry scenarios to help you:
  • Innovate and inspire next-gen products, processes, and business models by adopting emerging technology signals like generative AI, natural language robots, etc.
  • Anticipate and strategize for future scenarios, potential opportunities, and threats
  • Embrace winning business models, sustainability, and consumer engagement to offer stakeholders value 

Creating Value Across Diverse Functions and Teams

R&D and Innovation
Nurture Innovation with Technology Signals Dashboards, Scientific breakthroughs, and Game-changing IP
  • Get inspired by technologies and features being developed elsewhere
  • Identify, evaluate and monitor technologies and trends throughout their lifecycle
  • Get a deeper understanding of the current state of the technology, latest developments and incremental innovations in each technology signal
  • Map key players behind the technologies, their solutions
    A strategic lens to unveil new opportunities from advancements in early-stage technologies and new business models

R&D and Innovation
New Product Dev, Engineering, Manufacturing
Understand the growth potential of emerging technologies
  • Unveil new opportunities from advancements in early-stage cross-industry technologies and new business models
  • Assess which technologies and solutions to embrace
  • Accelerate your strategic and technology roadmaps
  • Learn from the current use cases and understand applicability across different applications and industries
    Identify opportunities for new products and services
  • Evaluate future expansion strategies
  • Accelerate your strategic and innovation roadmaps
New Product Dev, Engineering, Manufacturing
Corporate Strategy & Marketing
Visualize the Future, Discover New Opportunities, and Anticipate Threats 
  • Anticipate technology capabilities and performance benchmarks for the strategic growth fields
  • Visualize the impact on your industry through personalized industry impact reports
  • Unearth new business models and go-to-market strategies
  • Manage risks associated with new technology investments
brand and Marketing
CVC, VC, M&A, Ventures
Make smarter decisions with Technology Signals and Start-up Dashboards
  • Visualize the evolution of technology and future scenarios to identify the value pools across an emerging ecosystem
  • Identify the best technologies to invest in
  • Future-proof investment or partnership opportunities
  • Qualify early-stage startups for venture investment
CVC, VC, M&A, Ventures

Key Advantages

Build your technology roadmaps and innovation pipelines

Build your technology roadmaps and innovation pipelines

  • Track the technology signals across strategic growth fields like AI, Industry 4.0, Robotics, and Sustainability; and their implications for your industry
  • Correlate and cross-reference emerging technologies’ adoption across different industries and processes
  • Build your roadmap with foresight on capabilities, features, and performance benchmarks for strategic technologies
Anticipate future scenarios for your industry

Anticipate future scenarios for your industry

  • Detailed future of strategic growth field reports provide actionable insights on future capabilities and roadmaps for each growth field
  • A methodical and systematic approach to predict the future scenarios for your industry through personalized industry impact reports
Track and analyze the evolution of technology across the industry

Track and analyze the evolution of technology across the industry

  • Visualize technology evolution, adoption, and convergence and the impact on your industry
  • Interactive and insightful dashboards correlating Industries, processes, business functions, and Science and Technology

5 Key Strategic Growth Fields

AI and Analytics

Artificial intelligence and data analytics solutions have reached a tipping point, consistently beating human benchmarks in narrow tasks. Some of the key areas in this SGF include:

  • Intelligent Products & Equipments
  • Process Control & Optimization
  • Enterprise AI
  • Generative AI
AI and Analytics
Industry X.0 & Digitalization

At the heart of Industry X.0 lies the seamless integration of cyber-physical systems and data analytics, empowering industries to optimize efficiency, enhance productivity, and unlock unprecedented insights. 

Some of the key topics of in Industry X.0 & Digitalization SGF include –

  • IIOT & Digital Twins
  • Smart Sensors
  • XR: AR, VR, MR
  • Traceability & Transparency
Industry X.0 & Digitalization
Automation and Robotics

Automation and Robotics strategic growth field explores the profound impact of automation and robotics on manufacturing, navigating the realms of innovation, cost-effectiveness, and the evolving role of human expertise. 

Some of the key topics within this strategic growth field are: 

  • Lights-out manufacturing
  • Robots
  • Touchless Supply chain
  • 3D Printing

Automation and Robotics
Innovative Business Models

Innovative businesses have utilized data and technology to create new revenue streams that can be mind-bogglingly complex.

The industrial platform tracks innovations in business modes focusing on:

  • X-as-a-Service
  • B2B shift to B2C
  • Enhancing Consumer Engagement
  • Valorizing data
Innovative Business Models

By 2030, various industries need to target around a 50% reduction in net-carbon emissions. Also, several regulations emphasize the need to have circular supply chains.  

The FutureBridge industrial platform covers:

  • Sustainable Manufacturing & Products
  • Electrification
  • Circularity
  • Environmental, social and governance (ESG)


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