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FutureBridge Mobility Platform

FutureBridge Mobility Platform

Transform your Business. Build the Future.

In the transformation of Mobility from a product to a service, a deep understanding of technological advancements, new business models and changing consumer preferences is critical for growth and new value creation. 

The FutureBridge Mobility platform is purpose-built to synthesize unique insights in emerging automotive signals, exponential technologies and cross-industry innovation to help you:

  • Discover whitespace in next-generation automotive technologies, such as Software-Defined Vehicles, AI, data, connectivity, batteries and hydrogen.
  • Embrace winning business models to monetize the growth in electric vehicles, ADAS and shared mobility services.
  • Accelerate innovation for compliance with Sustainability regulations and targets in Circular Mobility. 
Built on early-stage innovation signals across key strategic growth fields, it enables smarter decision-making to empower innovation, strategy and investments in Electrification, Connectivity, Autonomous Driving and Sustainability.

Creating Value Across Diverse Functions and Teams

R&D and Innovation
Understand the growth potential of new technologies with FutureBridge innovation Signals 
  • A strategic lens to unveil new opportunities from advancements in early-stage technologies and new business models
  • Assess which technologies and solutions to embrace
R&D and Innovation
New Product Dev, Engineering, Manufacturing
Maximize value creation with FutureBridge Signal Spotlights on advancements and innovative players
  • Identify opportunities for new products and services
  • Evaluate future expansion strategies
  • Accelerate your strategic and innovation roadmaps
Product Dev and Innovation
Market and Competitive Intelligence
Prepare for disruption and the evolution of the competitive landscape with FutureBridge Reports on the Future of Mobility
  • Understand the changing needs of markets and customers
  • Benchmark competitors and their products
  • Track the adoption and innovation roadmaps of technologies
Market and Competitive Intelligence
Corporate Strategy & Marketing
Discover new opportunities with comprehensive FutureBridge Analyst Insights 
  • Unearth new business models and go-to-market strategies
  • Manage risks associated with new technology investments
brand and Marketing
CVC, VC, M&A, Ventures
Make smarter decisions with FutureBridge comprehensive Start-up LeaderBoards
  • Qualify early-stage startups for venture investment
  • Identify the best technologies to invest in, across hotspots
  • Future-proof investment or partnership opportunities
CVC, VC, M&A, Ventures
Regulations, Compliance, Others
Avoid the pitfalls of changing market conditions 
  • Capture the pulse of innovation, markets and players
  • Understand regulatory and compliance requirements across different geographies
4.6 - other functions and teams

Key Advantages

Mobility_Unique Foresight on Automotive

Unique Foresight on Automotive and Cross-Industry Trends from built-in Signals Tracker

  • Designed to uncover high growth opportunities in unknowns across early-stage innovation signals
  • Leverage scenarios on the Future of Mobility to maximize value creation
  • Decide Confidently with data-driven insights into technology, players and market
Mobility_Transformative Insights Dashboards

Transformative Insights Dashboards

  • Interactive Dashboards based on 360-degree scouting to unveil new opportunities in technologies, start-ups and markets
  • A continuous stream of Intelligence to support exploration, innovation and new product development
Mobility_Strategic Startup Intelligence

Strategic Intelligence empowered by Industry Experts across incumbents and disruptors

  • Perspectives from CXOs, Disruptors, Investors, and Policymakers on key trends and technology readiness
  • Designed to capture the voice of the Automotive industry in key tech, business & regulatory

Strategic Growth Fields - The 5 CASES of Mobility

Connected & Digital
Assess the impact of Digitalization of the vehicle interface, the connected infrastructure and vehicle processes enabled by exponential technologies.
  • Understand the technology roadmaps of Software-Defined Vehicles that aim to keep vehicles always up-to-date, secure and connected
  • Learn about the Future of HMI & UX to enhance driver and passenger experiences from voice-AI assistants, to XR, Metaverse and in-car e-commerce 
  • Discover how Next-Generation connectivity and blockchain will shape new vehicle services

Connected & Digital
Driving is progressing from assisted to unsupervised and ultimately fully autonomous. 
  • Learn about the technological breakthroughs, regulations and competitor movements in ADAS and automated driving
  • Benchmark ADAS Sensors, Compute and Software to identify partners and innovators
  • Understand the impact of Active Safety Regulations which fuel growth in Passenger Monitoring and Wellness features

Shared and Emerging
Mobility is being quickly transformed from a product to a service, promising to offer not only a better utilization rate but also the best mode of transportation.
  • Adopt new Mobility Business Models such as predictive maintenance for EVs, optimization of pricing in car-sharing, and Automated Mobility on Demand (AMoD)
  • Monitor the transition to MaaS (Mobility-as-a-Service) and alternatives to ownership
  • Explore new value propositions in the future of dealerships and aftermarkets

4.2 our products
Electric Cars
Electric cars are booming, but we are still at the beginning of the 'electrified' future. 
  • Track innovations in Battery Energy Storage
  • Understand the future of Lithium-ion, LFP, Solid-state batteries and other chemistries
  • Electric vehicles will play a critical role in future powertrain mix
Electric Cars
Sustainable and Circular
Circular Mobility strategies are accelerating with the decarbonization of the powertrain leading the way.
  • A truly climate-neutral car is not only emission-free during use but satisfies the full-circularity requirements
  • The future of alternate fuels is bright - Hydrogen, Synthetic biofuels, and climate-neutral batteries energizing the future of mobility in more than one way
  • Uncover new Smart and sustainable materials to support the shift to a circular economy
Sustainable and Circular


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Our 500+ people (and network of over 5000 industry experts) create impact for Fortune 500 Corporations.

Our team of experts is spread across three continents and is united by relentless curiosity, a desire to solve problems and an appetite for innovation and opportunity.

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Creating a constant stream of insights

The benchmarking of players in the Start-up Tracker is very helpful in assessing and monitoring new players.

Technology Lead, Global OEM

Endorsement from a Major Automotive Supplier

I appreciated the team’s extra effort to point out the content that is most relevant to us and what we should do.

Market Intelligence Manager, Automotive Supplier

Creating Impact for a Major OEM in Asia

We rely on the FutureBridge Signals Tracker to identify new trends and bring new technologies into our cars.

Product Manager, Asian OEM

Our Clients

This is a partial list of our long-standing clients including some of the world's leading brands and forward-thinking corporations.
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